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This guitar has a Honduran Mahogany body and neck with a flame maple body cap. The body, neck and headstock have abalone purfling and cream binding. This is a set neck construction. The scale length is 24.625". The fingerboard is Indian Rosewood with gold mother of pearl block inlays and gold Jumbo frets. The pickups are Seymour Duncan Slash Alnico 2 humbuckers. The electronics are wired so that you can coil cut and reverse the phase. The switching is controlled with push/push pots. The tuning machines are gold Kluson waffle back with vintage pearl buttons. A toner was added to the maple top to give it that amber color. Not only is this a custom made guitar, but custom parts were made for the pearl inlays and truss rod cover, the pickups have custom wiring, and the case is custom made by Ameritage.





The Apollo has a chambered Alder body . The front has a carved top. The neck is hard rock Maple. The scale length is 25.5". The pickups are Lollar mini humbuckers. The tuning machines are Gotoh 510s. Various options were used on the individual guitars like a bigsby or quilted maple top, or binding color, or custom inlays, knobs, gold hardware, electronic control layout. This model is being discontinued because of an agreement with a client that co-designed it.




The Mercury is a chambered Alder body with a rock Maple set neck with an Ebony fingerboard. The scale length is 25.5". This example uses Lollar Imperial humbuckers and a Graph Tech wrap around bridge with Ghost piezo saddles. There are two output jacks, one for just the electric and the other can be used as a blended signal with both the Lollars and the piezos or it can be switched to be used as just the piezos for an "acoustic guitar" sound. The marking dots are mother of pearl and the nut is bone. The tuning machines are Gotoh 510.


Super Strat

This guitar is made with a Swamp Ash body and flame maple drop top. The neck is laminated flame rock Maple/Mahogany/Maple/Wenge. The fingerboard is Ebony with cream binding and abalone marking dots. The headstock is angled and has Gotoh locking tuning machines. The bridge is a Wilkinson tremolo and the pickups are high output Fralin Humbuckers.




BJ 200

This guitar was designed to be sometimes used with a violin bow. The carve top design helps with this as does the 7.25" fingerboard radius. On this guitar I chose the Babicz tune-o-matic style bridge because getting a tight string raduis is easy with this bridge. I also moved the tailpeice farther back because the client wants to use the strings behind the bridge for unusual effects.





Phoenix fullPhoenix back

Phoenix body




This guitar is inspired by the rosewood tele used by George Harrison, Delaney Bramlett, and Duane Allman. The original guitar was given to George Harrison. He used the guitar for the "Let it be" rooftop sessions. In 1969 Harrison gave the guitar to Delaney Bramlett. This guitar is made from brazilian cherry, body and neck, and has a chambered body to add resonance and reduce the weight of the very dense wood. The fingerboard is rosewood with mother of pearl marking dots. This also has Lindy Fralin Pickups and a five position switch. It has retro looking hardware and it also has a 7.25" fingerboard radius like the original.




EP 35




The Panther

The original art work by airbrush artist Cary Hansen makes this guitar a truly unique instrument, but there is more to this beast than just looks. With the Lindy Fralin pickups and five position switch, this cat has some bite too. The alder body also has a back contour and the birds eye fingerboard has black mother of pearl marking dots and a 12" radius, Jumbo frets and black gotoh tuning machines. This guitar has the classic fender style bridge with through the body strings and a 25.5" scale length.

Panther close up










Meridian 5 string Bass

The Meridian five string has a low B string in addition to the E,A,D, and G that four string basses have. It is a five piece laminated neck through construction. The fingerboard has a compound radius from 12-20 inches. It has Hipshot ultra light tuning machines and a Hipshot bridge. The pickups are made by Nordstrand and it has an active tone circuit pre amp made by Aguilar. Battery changing requires no tools. The controls are Volume, Blend, Passive Tone (If your battery goes dead in the middle of a set, don't despair, simply switch to the passive circuitry by pulling this knob and rock on). The active tone controls are Bass, Middle (pull to switch midrange frequency) and Treble. The scale length is 35 inches. It comes with Dunlop Strap locks.

This guitar was part of a special exhibit called the Blue Electric Guitar. This exhibit was a tribute to the original Blue Guitar exhibit that Scott Chinery did in 1995. This time it is all electric guitars. It was part of the Newport Guitar Festival in Hollywood Florida in April 2010.






This bass is very familiar looking but the client had specific needs as far as the string spacing at the nut end and at the bridge. the scale length is 35" to acomadate the low B string.

The pickups we custom made by Nordstrand. The bridge is by Hipshot and the tuning machines are Gotoh.









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