The Nomad


Total length 40 1/4"

Lower bout 15 1/16"

Upper bout 11 5/16"

Waist 9 1/4"

Body length 19 1/4"

Depth 3 1/4"-4 1/16"

Nut 1 3/4"

String spacing 2 1/4"

Scale length 25.4", or 24.9" and also avaliable as a multi scale

Fingerboard radius 16"



Ziricote and Carpathian spruce

Listen to Sam Breckenridge play this guitar


------Zir OM ful front---_Zir OM back


Ziricote OM detailZiricote headstock


Cocobolo with Carpathian spruce




African Blackwood and Carpathian spruce with the venetian cutaway, slotted headstock


Ziricote and Carpathian spruce with a demi cutaway



Padauk with Carpathian spruce



Brazilian Rosewood and Carpathian spruce


Mrytle and sinker redwood


Paulo Escrito and Sitka spruce


Macore' and Adirondack spruce



Black OM front

Black OM headstockBlack OM detail






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