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The Librada


This guitar is made with the same construction method that acoustic guitars have used for almost a hundred years, a spruce soundboard with X bracing. It is a proven technique that makes for a great sounding acoustic guitar. There are some changes though. The body is smaller to make it more comfortable, and the sound hole on the front is gone and replaced by a side port that directs the acoustic sound towards the player. This also help to reduce feedback issues.

The pick up systems are the key to how everything works. The electromagnet pickup is made by Kent Armstrong. It has a powerful ceramic magnet that has a clear sound but can also work well for overdiven sounds. The acoustic pickup is made by K&K. In addition, a microphone can be added to give more sparkle and air to the high end. Each pickup system has a volume control and separate output jack.

This guitar is great for the gigging musician who wants both an acoustic and an electric guitar in one instrument. it also works well for sampling an acoustic sound and then switching to an electric guitar sound and playing a solo on top of the sample. Or it can be used for a stereo effect when both systems are used simultaneously pugged into two amps.

The body is 3" deep and the lower bout is 13 1/2". The scale length is 25.4"and it has 22 frets.










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